A team of entrepreneurs on a mission to bring flexibility to Flex CRE.
We started Valve in 2019 to give flex CRE operators and agents a less tedious and more lucrative way to connect supply to demand. A few years later and £4.5m in funding from Project A, we’re the industry standard with over 4.8bn in contract value already processed.
We’re on a mission
To inject a controlled lightening bolt into the flexible CRE industry, so it can move information between all players with immediacy and generate income for all with efficiency.
Powering global distribution for (13,000 buildings) from (2,600+ Operators)
Trusted by 100+ leading Advisories in CRE
$4bn of annual contract value generated for Advisors and Operators in 2021
Meet our team
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Nick Roveta
VP Operations
Alex Timbs
VP Product
Lucinda Faucher
Head of Partnerships
Mark Bott
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